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The first year we basically created its own work and have made only three commercial projects, because initially our principle was - to use in projects solely their own development.

The next three years, our most basic direction was three-dimensional sites (including 3DWEB application) what we have achieved great results (see the site "Company").

Further, despite the financial opportunity, we have never engaged in aggression and mass advertising, because the core of our advertising was to treat clients fairly and properly implemented projects.

Throughout the years of our company great attention to scientific developments, which take up a lot of labor, so there was no such urgent need of new customers.

Now in 2008-2009, our company has entered an entirely new level of performance of Internet projects. This is due primarily to our customers, stimulating and guiding our development, as well as a great work of internal work, running their own projects.

Every project is always an individual work and equally seriously as to small and large customer

Our company is fluent in various 3DWEB technology (interactive three-dimensional graphics on the Internet), there are a lot of successfully completed commercial projects. Our project for SKANSKA at one time was the most technologically advanced interactive 3D project known in the world.

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